Ashampoo UnInstaller 14

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Ashampoo UnInstaller 14 detects different installer types and uses per-type optimization to track even the most minute modifications to your system. In most cases, logging will also start and stop automatically so you no longer have to lift a finger! In addition, the program can now tell fresh installations from updates to avoid erroneous logging! 

    - For Windows 11, naturally!UnInstaller 14 is fully compatible with Windows 11 and guarantees clean program uninstalls without leftovers.
    System launch in full viewBoot Center will show you what goes on on your PC during booting. Examine running processes and autorun entries and disable unnecessary programs.
    Review Windows tasks and cast off baggageInstead of navigating through dull system menus, take the easy route and track down superfluous or orphaned tasks in style.
    Simply evolvedThe program adapts to your screen resolution and automatically switches to widescreen mode where appropriate.
    Perfect uninstalls powered by heuristicsDifferent setups behave differently on your Windows machine. So, it recognizes the setup type, track and predicts their behavior.
    No mercy for unwanted programs - It rids your PC of no longer needed or sub-par applications–but it also gets rid of all the nasty programs that were secretly snuck onto your PC! 
    Uninstall programs without leftovers - It uses sophisticated scan and cleaning methods that go far beyond the capabilities of Windows to detect and eliminate clutter. 


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