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NordLayer remote access solution is designed specifically for businesses, allowing you to mitigate risk, facilitate remote work, and protect your company against cyber threats. NordLayer was designed from the ground up to be a scalable solution with adaptability in mind. It allows for seamless integration into pre-existing company infrastructure. 

    2FA - Provide an additional layer of protection on your device by setting up multi-factor authentication to log in to NordLayer.
    SSO - Single sign-on allows you to use one set of security credentials to access your multiple cloud applications.
    AES 256-bit Encryption - NordLayer utilizes military-grade tunnel encryption to hide your traffic and online activity from users on the open internet.
    NordLynx - A WireGuard based protocol that will allow you to experience WireGuard’s performance benefits without compromising your privacy.
    Auto-connect - NordLayer can be set to auto-connect to a VPN server as soon as an internet connection is detected.
    ThreatBlock - Protects your users and devices from malware, ransomware, and viruses
    Jailbroken Device Detection - NordLayer detects devices that are vulnerable to attack and alerts admins immediately.
    - Centralized Settings & Billing - Intuitive control panel, license transferability, and Integrates with major operating systems and multi-cloud resources.
    - Support System - Priority 24/7 tech-minded live support, always by your side to help you stay in control.
    - Upgrade Options - Ability to purchase dedicated servers with up to 1 Gbps speed.

      ~  One year activation for 1 user.
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