UV LED Bulb Sterilizer

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The UV LED Bulb Sterilizer destroys all bacteria and viruses with a sterilization rate of 99.9%. Equipped with both UVC and illumination beads, it can be used for both sterilization and lighting. Fix it on any E27 compatible base and it will work just fine. Destroy all the viruses and bacteria in the air, water and surfaces in 30 mins. Automatic Sensors automatically turn it off when detecting human presence and back on when the person is gone. Secure your home and office today!

    Material: Plastic-coated Aluminum
    Disinfection Modes: Automatic - 30 Mins, Intensive - 3 Hours
    Power: 8w
    CCT: 3000K - 6000K
    Area Coverage: 2m²
    Working Lifetime: 10,000 Hours
    Application: Air, Water, and Surfaces
    Features: Advanced Motion Sensors, Automatic on/off
    Certification: FCC, CE & SGS Certified

      - People, plant and animal must leave the room when the device is turn on. 
      - UV lights may be dangerous for living being. The area must be empty.
      - It is recommended to ventilate the room for 30 mins after use.
      - Keep out of reach of children. It is not intended to be used by a child. 
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