UV Wall Sterilizer (Wholesale Only)
UV Wall Sterilizer (Wholesale Only)
UV Wall Sterilizer (Wholesale Only)
UV Wall Sterilizer (Wholesale Only)

UV Wall Sterilizer (Wholesale Only)

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The UV Wall Sterilizer destroys all bacteria and viruses at a sterilization rate of 99.9%. Fix it on any flat surface and it will work just fine. Destroy all the viruses and bacteria in the air and surfaces. Through the fans inside the device, the indoor air convection effect will be quickly formed. Then the bacteria and viruses floating in the air will be sucked into the ultraviolet lamps cavity to get killed by UV light. Equipped with target optical control technology, easily select the UVC area coverage to fit your building structure. Secure your business today!

    Protection: In-build PIR sensor 
    Application: Upper Air Disinfection
    Area Coverage: 52m²
    Power: 85W
    Size: 80.4 x 14 x 14 cm
    Working Lifetime: 8000 Hours
    Noise (Distance at 1m): 40dB
    Features: Target Optical Control Technology, Aluminum Reflector, and Easy Tube Replacement.
    Certification: FCC, CE, FDA, & RoHS Certified

      - UV lights may be dangerous for living being. Turn off before manipulation.
      - Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries, we will be glad to assist you.
      - Your satisfaction and trust are our purpose of service.
      - Minimum order = 50 pieces.