NCH Zulu DJ (Master's Edition)

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Zulu DJ is the complete DJ mixer solution. Powerful features unite in an easy-to-use interface making mixing your favorite tracks easy. Mix your music live while applying effects. 

    - Easily crossfade between tracks.
    - Real-time pitch and tempo adjustment.
    - Auto-play mode for hands-free, seamless music mixing.
    - Supports mp3, wave, and all other popular audio formats.
    - Beat synchronization between the decks.
    - Apply effects in real-time, including all popular effects like distortion and reverb.
    - Loop sections within a track and synchronize to the BPM.
    - VST plugin support for additional effects.
    - Stream your mix in real-time on YouTube.
    - Compatible with MIDI controllers.
    - Safe live mode prevents accidents for flawless shows.

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