ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2021

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ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2021 combines GPU-accelerated layers, RAW editing, and world-class digital asset management with enough agility to swiftly satisfy your creative graphic and photography needs. Ultimate is armed with HDR, focus stacking, blended cloning, improved facial recognition, and much more to give you the flexibility to create innovative graphics.

    - Comprehensive Raw Editor - Make the most of your RAW images with Photo Studio Ultimate’s built-in support for over 500 camera models.  
    - Visionary Layered Editing - You can use the Layered Editor to fearlessly innovate using parametric photo manipulation. 
    - Effortless Digital Asset Management - Finding, sorting, moving, organizing, and sharing; everything you need for complete mastery over your photography workflow is right here.
    - Have the Last Word - Add text as layers, customize font, size, color, style, justification, opacity, and much more, while layering, blending, and adding effects for the ultimate composites. 
    - Broaden Your Horizons - Resize the canvas to expand around your layered content or add solid backgrounds for limitless photo manipulations. 
    - Rule of Thumb - Customizable rulers and guidelines make placing layers, text, and objects foolproof. Snap layers to guidelines. Lay as many guidelines as you like.
    - Handle Any Geometric Imperfection - Snap objects, text, and images to the top, bottom, sides, or corners of your canvas while moving. Display a grid for precision situating.
    - Layer Effects - Add inner glow, shadows, a bevel, an outline, or blur between your image and text layers. Save as a .acdc file and continue editing your layer effects at a future date.
    - Blend of the Clones - Use the Blended Clone tool to copy pixels from a source area to a target area.
    - Parametric Color - Seamlessly color grade your images by importing and applying LUTs as non-destructive filters.
    - Adaptability & Security - Get files from the team over Dropbox ™ or OneDrive ™ or back up existing work with direct access to cloud sync root drives within Manage mode.

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