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Acronis Cyber Backup is an easy to use, efficient and secure backup solution that protects your entire Windows Server environment. With just a few simple steps, you can back up data to the storage location of your choice and recover individual files, applications, or a complete system in mere seconds. 

    Comprehensive Backup Solution - Defend your data on any Windows server (virtual, physical and cloud) with a backup solution that lets you store backups wherever it’s right for you.
    - Flexible, Granular Recovery -  Save time backing up once and restoring only what you need. You can recover complete systems, separate disks, volumes, or only critical files.
    - Centralized Management - Streamline data protection tasks even as your business grows. Manage diverse Windows server environments efficiently, using just one web-based console.
    Application-Aware Backup - Perform reliable backups while ensuring application consistency. Capture the state of the application while manual or scheduled backup processes run.
    - Multi-tenant Administration - Manage remote offices, branches and departments easily with the ability to oversee, delegate, and establish separate tenants for multiple administrators.
    - Acronis Universal Restore - You can enable system recovery to various physical or virtual platforms with just a few clicks.
    - AI-based Ransomware Protection - Safeguard your data from unauthorized modification, encryption and attacks from ransomware.
    - Multi-Level Encryption - Protect your data by utilizing multi-level encryption that includes per-archive AES-256 encryption.
    - Thorough Systems Support - Protect all modern and most legacy systems – from 2003, to the popular Windows Server 2012, and current Windows Server 2019.
    - Advanced Version - This includes more sophisticated backup and security features with superior reporting and more customized access options.

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