ACDSee Photo Editor 11

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ACDSee Photo Editor 11 boasts the 64-bit power to actualize the original graphics, polished photography, and compelling art imagery you've been envisioning. Enhance photos with pixel-based editing tools, precision targeting, hundreds of filters and adjustments, drawing elements, and much more.

    - Built-In Raw Support - Take control of your RAW images by removing noise, sharpening, balancing shadows, targeting colors, and by using a wide variety of other repair and improvements. 
    - Clear & Concise Control - The Dehaze adjustment layer will remove dust, smoke, vapor, or other particles affecting clarity, and restore detail, contrast, and lost color.
    - Layered Retouching & Repair - No foundation, no concealer, no reshoots. You can non-destructively smooth away blemishes and flaws without strenuous, targeted colors corrections. 
    - Exposure Correction in and Instant - Use adjustment layers to correct lighting and exposure, make subject pop. Lighten shadows and darken highlights for image-wide balance.
    - Selection Simplified - Make precision adjustments by targeting specific parts of your image with the Selection Brush. 
    - Performance - With GPU accelerated layers since engine and adjustment layers, as well as the quality performance for speedy filter application. 
    - Photoshop Plug-Ins - Import and apply Photoshop Plug-Ins for further creative freedom. 

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