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Adobe Fresco brings together the world’s largest collection of vector and raster brushes, plus revolutionary new live brushes, to deliver a completely natural painting and drawing experience. For artists, illustrators, animators, sketchers, and anyone who wants to discover the joy of drawing and painting. Built for the latest touch devices, including iPhones. 

    - Work with watercolors and oils that blossom and blend at your touch, and use vector and raster brushes on the same canvas.
    - Harness the power of Adobe Sensei with live brushes that look, feel, and act just like the real thing.
    - Swirl and smudge creamy oils on your canvas and build up paint thickness for a 3D effect.
    - Essential illustration tools are faster and better for stylus and touch, including Wacom tablets and the iPad.
    - Fresco uses cloud documents, so you can start a project on your iPad or iPhone and finish it on your desktop.
    - Animate your drawings - You can animate layers frame by frame or guide your drawing along a motion path.
    No layer limits - Draw with as many layers as you like. And use adjustment layers to quickly change color or add special effects.
    - Drawing aids - Trace or draw around the edge of a circle, square, or polygon, using it as a guard to keep your lines precise.
    Text layer support and Adobe Fonts - Design with text by adding and editing text layers. 

        ~  One year activation for 1 PC or Mac.
        ~  License valid for African region only.
        ~  Digital delivery to your email.
        ~  Your satisfaction is our purpose of service.
        ~  Don't hesitate to contact us for any queries.
        ~  Stay updated with the latest tech!
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