Digimune Business Monitoring

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Modern organizations rely on digital platforms to engage customers, interact with employees and grow their business. With digital transformation comes digital risk. As your organization's digital footprint grows with new social platforms, online banking, and other digital profiles, so does its exposure to possible threats. Protect your organization from cyber-scams and phishing by monitoring and safeguarding its brand and business information in the digital space.

    - Deep & Dark Web Monitoring safeguards your business information against data leakage, breaches, and the illegal selling of data on deep and dark web sites, forums and chatrooms.
    - Digimune prevents the sharing of customer information and account credentials on the deep and dark web that puts your clients, employees, and business at risk.
    - Digimune continuously monitor deep and dark channels to provide your team with early detection of information leakage, contextual analysis of cyberattacks, and actionable alerts.


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