Digimune DigiGuard Identity Pro
Digimune DigiGuard Identity Pro
Digimune DigiGuard Identity Pro
Digimune DigiGuard Identity Pro
Digimune DigiGuard Identity Pro

Digimune DigiGuard Identity Pro


As your public digital footprint grows with new social platforms, online banking, e-commerce stores, and other digital profiles, so too does your exposure to possible threats. Protect yourself and your family from cyber-scams, hacking, and phishing by monitoring and safeguarding your personal information in the digital space.

    - Deep & Dark Web Monitoring - Safeguards your personal information against data leakage, breaches, and the illegal selling of data on dark web sites, forums, and chatrooms.
    - Data Breach Notification - Receive alerts if any of your personal information or credentials are detected in any global data breaches.
    - Crypto Wallet & Gamer Handle Monitoring - Monitor unique personal assets like your Crypto Wallet or Gamer Handle and receive alerts on any indicators of compromise.
    - Data Breach Coverage - Receive alerts on breach of information including email, credit card, identity card, passport, phone no, bank account no, address, and date of birth.
    - Social Media Protection - Protection for your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.
    - Social Media Take-Over Protection - Receive alert on any indicators of compromise and gain the ability to quickly lock any of your accounts.
    - Social Media Impersonation Protection - Receive alerts for any potential impersonating social media accounts that are found.
    - Social Media Doxxing Protection - Monitors and alerts on the publishing of sensitive and personal information such as name, address, phone number, or other personal information.
    - Social Media Takedowns & Remediation - Allows you to request takedowns of impersonating social media accounts that are in breach of the network’s terms of service.


    ~  One year activation for 1 user.
    ~  Compatible with both PC and Mac.
    ~  Digital delivery to your email.
    ~  Your satisfaction is our purpose of service.
    ~  Don't hesitate to contact us for any queries.
    ~  Stay updated with the latest tech!
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