MAGIX Sequoia Pro 17
MAGIX Sequoia Pro 17
MAGIX Sequoia Pro 17

MAGIX Sequoia Pro 17

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Sequoia Pro 17 is your all-in-one audio production suite. Professionals all across the world value Sequoia’s reliability, smooth processing, and novel editing tools, whether in broadcast, studio or live environments. Its scalable, adaptable network and hardware integration is relied on by all of our partners, which include some of Europe's most well-known broadcasters.

Metering in SequoiaAccess a range of visual layouts and set up your own private "cockpit" with different metering indicators. 
- CD/DVD masteringCDs produced with Sequoia are 100% Red Book-compatible and can be sent directly for pressing.
DDP import/export - Use the Sonoris DDP player to playback tracks and track transitions, see all PQ codes, ISRC, MCN and CD text data.
Spectral Cleaning - For post-editing recordings containing noises from moving chairs, and coughing. Disturbances can be easily selected for removal with the mouse. 
Project import and exportSequoia offers integrated OMF/AAF support, making it possible to exchange projects between programs and platforms.
Network donglesEach CodeMeter dongle can make its network licenses usable on other workstations. This can make it a lot easier to upgrade firmware and software.
User administrationThe local user administration allows the administrator to grant or deny users access to certain hard drives. 
3D Reverb - It is a unique and powerful algorithmic reverb. It creates the sound of a wide variety of acoustic spaces from small rooms to large concert halls.
3D Surround PannerThe clear view dialog allows for intuitive control when positioning highs in virtual sound sources.
Batch processing for watch foldersBatch export multiple files at once. Define and trigger different export tasks altogether.
Video import and export - Supports most standard audio and video formats. It also make it possible to edit video material for dubbing and post-production.
Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 10 - This external audio editor enables a whole new process in mixing, sound design and restoration by simply layering the frequency spectrum.

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